Automatic Car Parts Powder Coating Line

car parts powder coating

High grade powder coating treatment is crucial for car parts to deal with bad environments.  Our full automatic powder coating line is widely used for hardware and automotive industry such as car parts and furnitures. Operators just need to setup parameters on touch screen and system will complete entire process such as automatic powder coating spray, drying and smart temperature control etc.

The automatic powder coating line system is composed by: STATIC current generator, Electrostatic spray gun, Electrostatic powder coating component, Powder coating booth, Powder recycling component, Filter component, Powder supply and reciprocator spray machine.

How it Works:

  • Automatic conveyor system throughout entire line
  • Automatic product detection in spray booth for better control
  • Smart PID temperature control to achieve the best drying

Performance Specifications

  • Up to 200 ft/min conveyor speed
  • Can smoothly transfer parts as with lowest noise
  • Secure protection on every possible injury point
  • Low maintenance rate self-tracking & alert system
  • Corrosion resistant steel frame and 5T hanging conveyor chain

Powder Booth Specifications

  • PP or stainless steel boards production
  • Precision powder filter and recycle system
  • Accurate positioning reciprocal coating machine
  • Independent powder coating supply unit for accurate powder control
  • Multiple choice of powder coating guns
  • Optimized layout for modern production requirements

System Control

  • Touch screen & PLC programming control
  • CE standards electrical components and safe protection
  • Easy programming with no professional skill required
  • Built in safety control circuit
  • Remote enable and run signals input signals available
  • System ready and fault outputs available

powder coating booth
For every parts before powder coating treatment, correct pretreatment is important to ensure the best quality. Pretreatment will remove any grease or rust on product surface and provides a protective layer to avoid such substacles

Car parts powder coating line FAQ

What’s the line size?

Powder coating line is configured through exact products properties and customer requirements based workshop structures. Thus the line size will vary based your needed capacity, product size. Just send us these parameters then we can give quick calculation.

What’s the cost?

The cost is based actual setup. Since its a custom made project, we have to evaluate customer requirements and product properties then we can quote.

What kind of voltage the system uses?

The standard voltage for our powder coating line is 3 phase 380v. If your voltage is different from this, we can use a transformer to make the change so it will be working perfectly.

I don’t know anything about the line, can you guide me to get started?

Just send us your product samples and photos then tell us your needed output capacity per hour. Our engineer will learn and discuss with you for further details. We’ll provide perfect solution with competitive price offer.


  • No name of raw materials.


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