Automatic painting line with shenzhen anfengtai coating company is all powered by up to date coating technologies. We’re knowlegeable to choose the most suitable components for the best performance and problem free with continuous operation. All electric components are world famous brands such as siemens, schneider, ABB. Most mechanical production are automated through CNC precise calculation. We simply offer you painting equipment for life time purpose.

Process flow chart

automatic painting line

Above is a sample layout of automotive plastic parts automatic painting line which is followed by wet on wet method. Generally the automatic painting line is designed according to client side factory dimensions and needed process flow. We also need to evaluate daily capacity requirement and pre/next stage of production so as to propose a suitable setup for smooth production.

According to the specific product painting requirement, we will arrange different spraying solutions such as fixed gun, reciprocator or robot arm to fit production requirements. In a word, it’s tailored by customer exact needs. We make the idea come true!

Our automatic painting line is handled with chain conveyor to send products through preset treatment stages(electrostatic cleaning, paint booth and dry oven etc). Flow chart can be custom defined according to different product treatment requirements such as electrostatic coating, DISK coating, PU or water based coating etc.

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