Automotive Wheel Coating Line

wheel hub coating
Automotive wheel coating line is the typical project among all other metal coating solutions. Not only for its high requirement of quality but also for the involved techniques. Shenzhen anfengtai has a group of experienced engineers in metal coating industry and helped multiple automotive factories for plant installation.

Wheel hubs are currently available in steel and aluminum alloy materials. While steel products are ideal choice for heavy trucks, aluminum production is best for various cars. Aluminum products is featured for light, good heat dissipation and easy maintenance.

Aluminum wheel hub coating line is composed by following standard sections for full setup: Pre-treatment (degreasing, rinsing, phosphating and passivating) -> base coat painting -> drying -> top coat painting -> drying -> varnish painting.

Based the different requirements from manufacturers, someone just require powdercoating after polishing treatment. However, such painting technique is not good for rust prevention and protection. Above standard process is applied by all leading wheel hub factories.

Wheel coating line FAQ

What line structure is recommended?

Currently there’re two types structure available: hanging type and ground rail type. Ground rail type is recommended for stable and quiet operation. Since the painting line is running on ground, it’s also more safe choice.

What kind of paint is recommended?

Oil paint and water base paint are being produced on the market. While the oil type is cheaper, it’s harmful to human and environment. Water base paint is a little expensive but safe to worker and environment. There’s no special treatment required for water base products thus it will greatly reduce the investment for waste treatment.

How much size is required for plant installation?

The wheel hub coating line is 100% custom design based your requirement. For full setup, the entire line takes ≥300㎡.  Definitely there’s more space needed for other service arrangement. Just contact us with your needs so we can do accurate calculation.

How long for coating line manufacturing?

Coating line can be ready within 1-3 months based the project requirement. Installation/testing could be done within 30 days.

Can you show us existing project?

We do have multiple porjects on record in both domestic and oversea factories. However, we have NDA signed with our clients. If there’s need for visiting, we need to check with customer for approvement.

Live installation showcase

wheel hub spray booth


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