E-coating Line

e-coating lineFor automotive industry, high grade coating spray is crucial for business success. Other than single coating technology for common products, there’re many solutions can be used together to improve quality. E-coating is recognized the best and most poular choice by automotive manufacturer.

E-coating introduction

E-coating – it’s actually combination of electrophoresis and powder coating. Products after this treatment get high grade capacity for anti-rust and anti-scratch. Such features are very important for automotive parts to deal with different environments.

Full process of e-coating line includes pre-treatment, electrophoresis and powder coating. Each stage is seamlessly connected by automatic conveyor and could be customized by requirements. Because of dipping technologies used for this system, any size products can be loaded with no problem thus it’s ideal choice for mass production.

E-coating line crucial units include

  • electrophoresis tanks
  • pre-treatment rinse tank
  • spray tank, electrophoresis power supply
  • electro-ultrafiltration
  • reverse osmosis pure water machine
  • powder coating booth
  • dry oven and more…

Mostly, e-coating line solution is used for big size and heavy parts such as frame structure of truck body, thus the operation is completely automatic by mechanic control.

e-coating line
Comparing to single coating technology, e-coating makes use both advantages from electrophoresis and powder coating. If we apply the systems seperately, we have to re-produce each machine thus the cost is high. But if we put them together, most structures can be used on same line such as pre-treatment, conveyor and dry oven, the final cost is very competitive.

E-coating solution at Anfengtai

Shenzhen anfengtai group is specialized in design and engieering different coating lines. We have wide coperation with automotive service provider for coating spray solution. We evaluate client requirements then provide professional suggestions according to products properties and actual installation space structures. Engineers will make optimized drawing and confirm with client for final version.

We provide turnkey service thus customer do not have to worry about the process. What you get is what you see from design and use it as expected. At anfengtai group, we produce both machine and spare parts. Means each stage is completely managed within factory, our different departments work together to offer competitive solution to client.

Question? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in this.

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