High Tech Teflon Spray Coating Line with Easy Operation

teflon spray coating line
Teflon is perfect nonstick and anti rust coating for metal products, it’s widely used in various industries such as cookware, car parts and many other hardware products. Our teflong spray coating line is constructed for tight structure and stable high performance. The coating line system provides easy operation and smart temperature control, operators only need to apply daily maintenance schedule and it will be years problem free.

Workflow: pretreatment – de-dust – load to conveyor – electrostatic de-dust – base coat spraying – curing – top coat spraying – curing – cooling – unload

Coating line main parts: Pre-treatment, paint cabin, curing furnace, clean air supply, waste gas treatment.

Construction rules:

  • Design upon all client side technical requirements
  • Ease of use and maintenance upon guaranteed production
  • Top brand components with long life cycle

Project overview:

  1. Conveyor: ground track conveyor according to workshop design
  2. Spray booth: water curtain or dry filter type
  3. Spray coating method: gun fixed spraying, spray paint machine or robot
  4. Curing: electric heater or gas burner furnace, RT~500℃ changeable
  5. Clean air supply: air filter unit (air conditioner or FFU)
  6. Waste gas treatment: water spray and carbon filter

Main parts construction are based on stainless steel such as spray booth, mesh conveyor belt and oven chamber, other parts such as support frame and cover will be 2.0mm thickness steel plates with powder coating treatment.

Curing furnace

Crucial part for teflon coating line is tunnel furnace. Our furnace basic construction material is δ1.5mm SUS304 board, furnace comes with pre-heat section, curing section and cooling section. Each section provides dedicated air circulation for accurate temperature control.

Clean and high efficient electric heater or natural gas is best choice for furnace heat supply. Our furnace has special design for accurate temperature control, temperature difference in curing section can be controlled within 3℃.

Moreover, furnace is well protected on each section for safe operation, temperature on furnace chamber cover is no more than 10℃ than room temperature. The construction and protection solutions are all followed by CE certification.

Electric control

  • A central control box for entire system for easy control
  • Delayed power off and error alarm, double protection for temperature control
  • Overload power off and protection
  • Schneider, Siemens electric components
  • Clear and artwork cable wiring for easy trouble shooting

teflon spray coating line
Teflon spray coating line FAQ

Q: What’s the main difference between teflon and other coating lines?
A: The main difference is the oven. It’s high temperature with pretty accurate control to work with teflon curing curves. The normal working temperature is RT~450. However, we have to set higher temperature in order to reach needed temperature in quick time.

Q: What should client be awared in production?
A: The mixed teflon coating must be used within 20~30 minutes, spray gun and pump system must be cleaned up once after stopped operation. Because the solidation material will stuck the tube system and impossible to remove.

Q: Do I need special treatment for wate gas?
A: Regular filter will be ok, but you have to check with local environment agency about waste water.

Q: Is clean room required for this line?
A: It depends, if dust control is crucial for some precise products painting, then its suggested for clean room.


  • We need a coating line for non stick spray.
    We starting de new plant for aluminium cookware.
    Ronald Ely


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