Automatic Toy Painting Line

toy painting machineToy painting line is dedicated for toy manufacturer to provide high quality surface treatment. Since the level of coating will determine the final toy quality directly, it’s crucial equipment for toy production. Let’s check out how the line is configured and the crucial points for quality control. We’ll also guide on how to apply the proper coating line.

Toy, probably the most popular products on the planet for both adult and children. Thoese high quality toy products are made by leading materials with smart coating. Generally, not all toys need coating treatment, only plastic, metal and wood materials are compatible. Based the material properties, they need different coating technologies and workflow design. Plastic and metal toys come with similar workflow, but it’s different for wood products. Mostly we need to apply sanding to get smooth feel. Here’re general workflows:

Plastic/metal toys: loading -> de-dust -> pre-heating -> base coat spray -> curing -> top coat spray -> unload

Wood toys: loading -> de-dust -> pre-heating -> base coat spray -> curing -> sanding -> de-dust -> pre-heating -> topy coat spray -> unload

As we see, wood material requires more steps and generally requires more operators in the flow. Depends the needed techniques, you may also apply further flows like UV for high quality toys.

Main parts of toy painting line

Similar to other coating lines, a toy line consists of conveyor, spray booth and curing oven. The difference is about jigs. We provide basic one time jig installation and you may have to design the proper holder to load your toys on jigs.

Unlike many other coating solutions, toy products not only requires high quality surface but also safety. Either the coating line or the paint you use must ensure cleanness to avoid pollusion. Much like mobile phone that we use every day.

Toy Painting Line FAQ

To understand how you can configure the proper coating line equipment, we have designed following faqs so you can get brief  idea where to start.

Is automatic line better than manual option?

Yes, because it’s central managed for automatic operation, there’s no human issue included like the manual line.  And of course the overall cost is a little high.

What do you need in order to start the line design?

We need to know about your product size, the technologies you want to use, available workshop size(if you have) and installation requirements. It’s the best if we have your workshop structure files.

What’s the approx cost?

The cost is solely based your output rate and technologies to use. We have to understand your requirement in order to calculate the best price.

What kind of service do you provide?

We provide design, manufacturing and onsite installation service. There’re up to 30 days training service can be offered based the actual situation.

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