Automatic uv painting line is chain conveyor system with paint booth, IR oven and uv curing machine. Spraying can be applied by fixed gun and multi axis painting machine according to product specifications. Up to 10000 class clean room can be configured for high quality production requirement.

Process flow chart

uv coating flow chart

This is a typical process of uv painting line setup for plastic vacuum metallization. Chain on edge conveyor system moves every spindle through each treatment stages from load to unload. There’s no hand contact during this closed process so surface finishing quality is maximum protected.

Samples & effects

uv painting samples

UV painting is widely used on metal and plastc production. Include but not limited for switch panel, sign, phone case, cosmetic bottle and caps, cups and a variety of homeware products.

CAD Drawing

uv painting line

This is a part of an automatic uv painting line setup layout. From load to unload process is an closed chamber system to avoid dust pollution. Because of uv paint properties, a tiny dust will be visible on finished products and will be recognized bad upon QC investigation.

So in actual setup, isolated clean room setup is a must for high quality production. Especially in spray booth area, the clean class must be 10000 class at least. In order to archieve this grade, there must be sufficient fresh air supply and waste air exhaust to ensure a stable air flow. Furthermore, if there’s big difference for humidity from day to day, central air conditioning is required.

Project Showcase

UV line is completely custom design project upon customer side specifications such as product properties, needed work flow and capacity etc. Based such parameters we will apply specific spraying technologies such as conveyorized gun fixed spraying, reciprocating spraying and robotic spraying etc.

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