Shenzhen Anfengtai is a solid group in offering advanced coating spray machinery solutions. We started in 2003 for machinery parts manufacturing like chains, rollers and conveyor belt. During 2003-2009 we co-operated with all leading coating groups in south China. We provide one stop service for all coating line projects. From products production and final installation or even after sale maintenance, we had learnt how to optimize the line for less investment and energy saving.

At the very beginning of 2009, the brand “Anfengtai” was created and dedicated for coating line solutions. Based our great experience in maintaining and repairing existing plants, we applied those advanced concepts to our own design to serve our clients production. Because we handle each step of coating line setup and we produce most machinery parts by ourselves, we know what materials to use on what part for best performance. At the meanwhile, we can mostly reduce the overall costs to earn better business.

Our advanced coating line solutions include: plastic and metal coating, uv coating, ceramic coating and non-stick coating lines. Our coating lines are widely applied to electronic, metal, furniture, cookware and cosmetics industries. In 2013, the sales record reached 5 millions USD which is 10 times more comparing to our initial start. The name “Anfengtai” and its logo are registered trademarks.

Company History

The founder & CEO Mr. Wang dong setup the initial company “guangya” for machinery parts manufacturing based he and his team years of experience in automatic machinery. During this period, we produced almost all crucial transmission parts and powering more than half coating line machine providers in south China.

“Guangya hi-tech” registered in 2006 for small automatic machinery production such as uv machine, tunnel dryer, spray booth and automatic conveyor system etc.

Shenzhen anfengtai coating ltd was founded for automatic spray coating solution. Based our rich experience, we’re capable of handling high end coating line from CAD design to manufacturing and factory installation. We provide life time free tech support to all our lines.

What We Do?

Spray Coating Line

We provide turnkey coating line solutions from structure design, production and onsite installation. We also provide maintaining and training service in client factory to make sure problem free in using the system.

Spray Coating Machine

We provide 1~6axis spray coating machines to deal with complex shape products automatic painting requirement. Our multi axis coating machines are configured for accurate positioning and full automatic operation!


Based our 10+ years experience in coating line machinery, we offer upgrade/modification service to existing production lines via modern technologies. Client don’t have to purchase a new line in order to catch up new production requirements.

Our Global Clients

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Coating Line Solutions

Service Procedures

Producing in factory

Production in Factory

We have full set production machines for coating line production like cutting, bending and welding machines. All production equipments are ready to serve 10+ lines concurrently producing.

Coating line machinery will be made by fixed schedules according to agreement. Each part will be produced according to specific technologies by our skilled staff. During production process, QC person in charge will verify each stage by plans and make sure machine is problem free. Machinery components will do final assembling and testing after produced, engineers will do necessary testing and verification then give pass labels with signatures.

Load to container

Load to Container

When load to containers, machine will be in disassembled mode by careful packing with thin film and wooden box. Special packing will be applied to those precise components such as electrical components. Clear marks and signs are given on wooden box each side. Machine will be well protected to avoid scratch or damagement.

When containers arrived client factory, we provide step by step guidance on how to unload properly to installation area.

Onsite installation

Onsite installation

Installation is not only about assembling over each parts. It requires sufficient experience to have each components connected seamlessly. Engineers need to fix unexpected conditions smartly.

We’ll send technicians to client factory for onsite installation. Coating line machinery parts will be assembled & installed by plans. Client may send several technicians to work together with our engineers. In this way they will understand each stage clearly and do needful fixes in case any outage happen in future.

Installation may take several months depends the construction size.

Life production mode

High Efficient Production Mode

After installation finished, our engineers will do necessary testing and verification to entire system. We also provide client needful training to make sure production line will be working as expected. All our coating lines provide one year warranty since the date from real production in client factory. Even though, we provide life time free tech support to make it problem free operation.

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