Anfengtai company provides coating line design/consulting/manufacturing service. Unlike a standard product that comes with pre-formed size or shapes, coating line is 100% custom design by customer requirements. In order to provide a perfect solution, we must learn a buck of questions like product size, output rate and heating resource etc. Most of the time, we need to confirm the following

Product dimension

The product dimension will tell us how to design the conveyor and jigs. If you have multiple sizes with different shapes, we will take the biggest one into design. The size will determine the coating line overall size directly

Output rate

It’s crucial factor for coating line setup. The bigger rate required, the bigger coating line will be needed and overall costs will go up accordingly. We can also evaluate if a manual, semi-manual or full automatic technique could be applied for economical choice.

Type  of coating

It refers to your coating technical details and number of coatings required to spray on products. It’s crucial for most line setup, especially for those coatings require high temperature curing like ceramic and enamel, temperature control is very important in order to get the best effect. Some products requires two layers coating while another product requires three layers. The difference will decide how many spray booth and ovens on coating line. And the most important “price” will be different.

If pre-treatment required

Pre-treatment is required for all hardware products like pans, pots, aluminum profiles. The purpose is to get rid of oil and dusts in order to be coated properly on production line. Pre-treatment is all about rinsing by chemical reagent. Generally, the full workflow of coating line is this:

Loading – Pre-treatment(rinsing, phosphating, drying etc) – de-dusting –  pre-heating – base coat painting – drying – top coat painting – curing – unloading – packing

Workshop structure

It includes your workshop size and internal design like height, electricity and water supply. Most of the time you need to arrange some areas for other service like warehouse, office but not only for painting line installation. For this we need to learn how much available space you have. Your workshop design file is required for final plant installation because we need to follow it to configure various pipes/tubes.

Dust-free workshop and waste gas treatment

Many products like mobile phone shell has to be sprayed in clean room for guaranteed quality, any dust pollution can affect good product rate. So we must know if you have clean room ready or if we need to design based our coating line requirement. Different dust-free clean rooms are configured by different techniques.

The last important question is about waste gas/water treatment. In order to be environment frindly, strict treatment is necessary. Lots of coating fogs are harmful if we drop into atmosphere directly. Currently we can only handle waste gas treatment, for waste water, you have to contact your local company provider since they are very familiar with local governmental requirement and  have all necessary equipment ready.

Have question or need coating line tech support? Feel free to contact us for solutions.

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