Shenzhen Anfengtai is professional in offering coating line solutions and featured as one-stop service. We provide coating line design, consulting and almost all machinery parts because we produce them by ourselves. We deliver precision technology solutions to help customers succeed worldwide. The company engineers, manufactures and markets differentiated products and systems used in electronics, plastics, metal and houseware industries. All supported by application expertise and service. Based in Shenzhen, China, our products & service are well rated in both domestic and international markets.

uv coating linePlastic UV Coating Line

The most popular coating line solution on the planet. UV coating is widely applied to daily life products such as mobile phone case, notebook, albums and TV panel etc for smooth and shining color on object surface. Especially for plastic metalising treatment, uv coating has excellent performance for adhesive, anti scratch and anti finger print etc. It can be also custom configured to deal with different product requirements.

UV coating does not need long time heating/drying. UV paint is cured within few seconds from UV oven through uv light radiation.

Depends customer product details, we can apply different spraying technologies such as gun fixed chain conveyor uv line, tunnel oven type uv line. All components are genuine production from reputable providers like Graco, Wagner, Iwata, schneider and Siemens etc for guaranteed performance.

Our uv coating line solutions have been supporting lots of famous brands production such as iPhone, Midea, Glanz, Foxconn and Gree for high quality surface treatment.

powder coating lineHardware Powder Coating Line

What makes our powder coating line outstanding is its powder cyclone capacity and workflow optimization. Based our 20 years technology research experience and cooperation with different hardware profiles producers, we bring up a professional engineering team for energy saving and high performance powder coating line construction.

Our mono type powder cyclone booth provides zero waste gas exhausting, clients don’t need to prepare air pipes and treatment unit separately for this. Instead, the gas is precisely filtered so can be exhausted to workshop directly. The 97%+ powder cyclone capacity makes very little powder loss for mass production.

To meet with different products treatment requirements, we have tested with multiple pre-treatment solutions including spraying/dipping with different chemicals suppliers. At the meanwhile, we have managed to powder coating on 10 meter long profiles vertical spraying. Till present, our powder coating line is supporting factories for aluminum profiles, steel profiles, cabinet, racks, oven case, automotive wheel and lots of hardware products!

e-coating lineE-Coating Line

E-coating or electrophoresis coating line is advanced coating solutions for hardware industry. No dead angle and guaranteed coating layer thickness. Our e-coating line is mainly applied for automotive industry for car parts coating treatment such as steel wheel, bumper, battery case etc. Different technologies will be utilized for different products and color requirements. Our advanced cleaning system can make full use of e-coating paints and reduce tank pollution as much as possible.

E-coating line includes water tanks, spray nozzle, ultra filter machine, electric supply and temperature management. Furthermore, our e-coating line can be easily integrated with powder coating technologies by hanging conveyor system.

robotic coating lineRobotic Coating Line

We have cooperation with multiple reputable coating robot providers like YASKAWA, FANUC and ABB. We also produce our own multi axis coating machines at cost effective choice. Our 5 axis spray coating machines are well recognized from the industry.

The advantage for robotic coating is its flexible programming for different products. We don’t have to change coating line in order to spray on different products. It’s extremely helpful when we have to deal with different sizes products coating but with small quantity. Depends actual workshop layout, we can build robot together with conveyor system by hanging. In this way robot will be automatic trace on conveyor spraying. We can also build the robot seperately with booth then send to curing oven after spraying.

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