Automotive side view mirror caps painting line

mirror caps painting High quality painting is the most important part to attract automobile users. Not only the general color application but also compatibility among different parts colors. To avoid color difference for smooth feel, we have to configure proper painting environment and high quality painting system. We’ll guide you to learn about automotive side view mirror caps painting and how to setup the perfect production line.

Unlike many other products, side view mirror cover comes relative complex shapes with large output requirement. Because of this, it’s not possible to load on traditional painting line for automatic painting. Instead, we have to load on hanging jigs with robotic painting. Depends the actual situation, we can also load on rotating platform. No matter how we load the cover, it has to be sprayed automatically by spray machine, manual option is only for reparing purpose not for real production.

Technical parameters for side view mirror caps painting

Generally, there’re total of three stages for this painting system. Depends the caps material, we may apply necessary pre-treatment to ensure the quality. Till present, following materials are widely used for mirror caps: ABS, PP, PVC. No special treatment for ABS and PVC, but for PP material, it’s highly advised to spray a kind of chemical water to get a smooth surface. The full process is the following:

Loading to jig -> pre-heating -> de-dust -> base coat spray -> flash off -> top coat spray -> flash off -> clear coat spray -> flash off -> curing -> unloading

Following machinery parts and specifications are included:

Power ≥150KW(380V,3phase,50HZ)
Chain conveyor system Aluminium fixture block
Chain transit unit
Steel alloy track
Frequency converters & gear motor
Pretreatment Pre-heating oven
De-dust gun and electrostatic brush
Spray booth Size:3.35*2.5*2.8m
Stainless steel machine body
Stainless steel water tank
Explosion-proof lighting system
HEAP Filter
Exhaust fan, Air volume-1200 m³/hr
3 sets spray robots
Rotation system Self-rotation system 3 sets
Jig holder
Self-rotation motor
Magiceye sensor
IR & Curing oven Oven inside size:1.2*1.5*0.7m
TEM:50-150 degree
FOD IR heater (1KW each one)
Mirror stainless steel inner wall
T50mm rock wood thermal insulation
OMRON Temperature card
Line control system PLC touching screen
Air switch & overload alert
Taiwan power switch&indicator light
Taiwan pneumatic elements&Magnetism valve
Taiwan frequency speed converter
Air supply system Blowing Rate15000m³/hr
Machine size:1.2*2.1*1.16m
T50mm sandwich steel panel  machine body
Taiwan frequency converter
Filtering units
Ventilation system Inlet blower 7.5KW,380v,50HZ
Outlet blower
Painting and baking exchange system
Blower Capacity:15000m³/hr

Service & support

We will provide custom design service based customer requirements according to workshop structure. Basically, each painting line is a custom project and requires teamworking between supplier and client. Then we will produce everything in factory and do full test before delivery. Once the line reached customer factory, we’ll send out engineers for onsite installation and do necessary training/maintenance till customer be able to operate the line.

car mirror cap painting line


  • Please supply an estimate for a line capable of painting 2000 mirror caps per day with waterborne paint. The system will need to include either a power wash or dry ice cleaning. The coatings will include a prime base and clear coat.

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