Different coating technologies explained

In coating industry, there’re lots of different technologies being used for different purpose. Let’s see the most popular techniques being used and how it’s working.

When refering to coating solutions, there’re over one thousands if detailed to different products and painting methods. However, all of them can be categorized into following:

Liquid coating

The most popular coating technology being used on various products. Liquid coatings can be sprayed easily by normal spray guns and don’t require super high temperature to dry up thus it’s safe and easy to operate. The general process of liquid coating spray is: loading -> de-dust -> coating spray -> leveling -> curing -> unloading. Sometimes you need base coat to be sprayed first then top coat.

Powder coating

Popular choice for metal and woodware products. Powder coating is probably the most direct option among all other ones. Just do proper pre-treatment then you can do direct powder coating spray. It’s a featured single coat system. We often need to apply sanding treatment for powder coating line to for burring purpose.

UV coating

UV coating is not a standalone system, it’s always included from other painting lines. Especially for lots of plastic coating lines like mobile phone case and perfume caps painting. UV is normally configured at the last process. The difference for UV coating is it only works with UV oven where the paint will be cured directly by UV light.

Plasma coating

Probably the most high tech spray technique. This technique uses metal powders and high temperature to metalize on product surface. Temperature control and accurate spray is crucial for high quality effect. It’s popularly used in medical and other high-tech areas.

Electrostatic coating

A new tech for high quality painting and environment protection. Unlike any other coating solution, electrostatic coating uses static electricity to ensure coatings can stick to product surface for higher thickness. At the meanwhile, there’s less coating wastes so less recycling required. It’s definitely perfect for environment protection.


  • We are looking for an automatic spray painting line along with the conveyorized thermal oven for the plastic parts for the fan industry


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