Automatic Powder Coating Booth

powder coating boothAutomatic powder coating booth is crucial part of high efficiency powder coating line system. It’s not only setup for simple spraying but also come with powder recycle, digital product detection and fast color switch facilities. Our automatic powder coating booth is gema grade construction but we offer much competitive price!

How’s our powder coating booth composed?

Our powder coating booth is constructed by following components

  • Stainless steel or PP board booth
  • Digital control reciprocator with automatic powder coating gun
  • Fast color switch powder feed hopper
  • Powder sieve machine
  • Cyclone recovery system
  • Nano coated cartridge filter recovery
  • Automatic product detection device

powder-booth-chamberState of the art booth – PP or stainless steel boards for construction. Booth is designed to minimize powder waste while maximizing production and cleaning.

It comes with accurate absorbing and air flow control. All powder material will be controlled within booth system other than flying everywhere.

Booth structure can be horizontal or vertical by custom painting requirement such as square type or round type. The highest booth with our experience has reached 8 meters for aluminum profile industry.



Digital control reciprocator – Accurate positioning and quiet movement throughout the operation with different load capacities. The max amount of gun loads by our construction is 24 pieces.

The reciprocator has a variety  of controls and fully integrated with entire coating line system. It can be seperately controlled or central control with conveyor.


powder-feederColor switch powder feed hopper

Stainless steel material production for main body, lock and cover with long life cycle

Accurate pressure controller, lower pressure will complete the job smoothly. For our hopper, only 0.02MP pressure will work perfectly.

Wheel attached for big size hopper for easy movement and faster color switch. A single booth can be configured with up to 8 hoppers by central control.

Central collection of powder recovery by enclosed tube system.

Properly sealing for each point with no leakage. Smooth and same rate powder supply guaranteed.



Powder collection unit -Large cyclone separation device with over 98% rate capacity. No waste gas after this filter. Thus no waste gas treatment required for this system and no air pipe required to exhaust waste gas. Gas can be recycled in workshop directly!



automatic-detectionAutomatic product detection device

Our detection device is by high tech light sensor. Product will be calculated on moving conveyor for spray gun on/off automatic control together with reciprocator.

Based our experience, this device can reduce more than 25% empty spray when no products in booth. Powder caoting material can be greatly saved and extend spray gun life cycle. Powder coating quality is also improved.


control-systemAdvanced control system

Intuitive Touch Screen Programming available by an onboard PLC

Individual product menus are stored in memory

Parts are automatically recognized as they enter the booth. The menu is accessed and information is sent out to each powder gun as needed.


How to select the suitable powder coating booth and cyclone system?

The choice of powder coating booth and cyclone system depends on multiple concerns such as powder colr, types of powder, product properties, installation space and painting requirement etc.  For booth itself, there’re also many types. From cyclone view, there’re filter type single class cyclone and two classes large cyclone. For booth material, there’re stainless steel boards, sandwich board and PP board etc. For powder material itself, there’re plastic powder, metal powder and enamel powder etc.

Each components selection may bring different classes quality, clients have to send us detailed painting requirement for most compatible choice. It’s not just a simple collection of different parts, even a small configuration on air flow will result in different powder application efficiency.

Shenzhen Anfengtai is proud to carry the complete powder coating equipment for high quality, superior performance and cost effectiveness. Our powder coating equipments are constructed by advanced technology and life time support service.

How does powder cyclone works exactly?

It’s the process to collect powder that is not deposited onto the objects in the spray booth then reuse. This recovery process is driven by an exhaust air ventilator that provides an airstream powerful enough to flow through the related extractor equipment such as a cyclone and filters. The input to the cyclone is connected to the booth while the output is connected to a suitable exhaust fan.

The overspray powder arrives at the cyclone inlet at a velocity of about 20 metres per second. On entering the cyclone chamber tangentially the air/powder mixture is given a rotary motion which creates a centrifugal force on the particles. The larger and heavier particles tend to be ejected to the outside walls of the chamber and fall to the bottom where they are collected. The lighter fractions will stay suspended in the air stream which on reaching the bottom is deflected by a conical tail air/powder mix into a rising spiral which is then carried through the central stack to a filter collector.

What would be the possiblility of low quality coating and cyclone?

The main problem for quality should be the choice of powder coating gun. Stable and continuous voltage control is crucial to have powder coated properly on objects. Another point is about color change, for powder coating booth with no automatic color switch system, operators have to clean up the booth system carefully and completely before using a new color. Last but not least is the compressed air quality, it must be properly filtered before using.

About low rate cyclone issue, beside booth setup, installation is also important factor. Some client setup walls or room for booth seperately. But based our experience, this will make the temperature high and bad air flow. If the room is a MUST by client side, there must be sufficient clean air supply with proper air flow.



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