MDF Wood Plates Coating Line

mdf plate painting line
MDF wood is widely used in modern life. For example desk and door plates, toilet seats etc. For better protection and decoration, it requires proper coating treatment. MDF wood plate coating is more about powder coating and PU coating. In this series, we provide brief introduction of the coating line structure and included technologies.

Generally, the MDF coating procedure is greatly simplified comparing to most other products. Firstly, it doesn’t require advanced pre-treatment and de-dust. Just load the plates on conveyor to complete the coating spray. The general process is configured in this way:

Loading -> base coat spray – > drying -> sanding -> powder coating -> drying -> sanding -> PU coating spray -> drying -> unloading

Because there’s sanding in the workflow, thus the painting line is not 100% automatic. The purpose of sanding is to make sure product surface is smooth and clean, it’s a kind of quality control. As we see there’re different coatings to be used on the same line, we need to use different spary guns and curing ovens.

MDF wood plates coating line FAQ

Can I configure the line for different products?

Yes you can, but it only works for mdf wood products. If you need to spray other products, it may not work.

How much space size required for installation?

At least 100㎡.

What’s the general output rate?

It’s a custom setup. For automatic conveyor type line, the minimum output rate is 100pcs/hr.

What’re the machines included?

Spry booth, curing oven and hanging conveyor are main parts of the coating line.

In this coating line system, either the powder coating or pu coating, they’re all electrostatic based so basically the line can be called electrastatic line as well.

mdf wood- plates coating

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