Enamel Coating Line

Unlike any other coating, enamel requires pretty high temperature to work with. It’s widely used on elegant cookwares such as different pots and pans. It’s beautiful but hard for production, especially for coating line configuration, you must ensure the accuracy for safe and stable operation. Being a professional enamel coating line provider, anfengtai group has been working closely with multiple cookware manufacturers for leading production line solutions such as coating line design, spare parts supply, maintenance and consulting service etc.

Enamel coating line structures

The enamel coating line structure is no different than other lines including spray booth, chain conveyor, spray booth, curing oven and probably pre-treatment sytem. The different part is for curing oven. All other coating line requires less than 100℃ in oven temperature while it’s over 800℃ for enamel curing. For such high temperature system, it has extremely high requirement for raw materials in configuring oven.

enamel coating line
Characteristics of enamel coating

  • high temperature resisting coating can spray all kind of Metal powder, such as Ceramic powder ( Chrome oxide, Titanium oxide, Aluminum oxide, aluminum titanium oxide, Zirconium oxide powder, etc.), Alloy powder (WC-Co, Cr3C2-NiCr), Chrome, Titanium, Silicon powder, etc.
  • Inert gas can be used as working medium to reduce the oxidation of spraying particles.
  • The coating can get high bond strength, low porosity. You can get accurate coating by controlling technological parameter.

Applications of porcelain enamel coating

  1. Provide protection against high temperatures, corrosion, erosion, wear-resisting effect,prolong lifetime.
  2. Change appearance, electrical or tribological properties of the surface, replace worn material
  3. Sprayed on substrates of various shapes and removed, free-standing parts in the form of plates, tubes, shells, etc.
  4. Powder processing (spheroidization, homogenization, modification of chemistry, etc.)

Enamel coating line FAQ

How’s different of enamel coating line?

The main difference is about curing oven and the spray technologies. Depends the enamel material you use, there’re multiple solutions to be applied.

How to ensure safety during operation?

The coating line is fully automatic, workers just handle loading/unloading part. Danger of the system is on curing oven for its high temperature, it’s not suggested to touch it directly. We’ll configure a fence or protection cover to ensure sefety.

What kind of service customer receive?

We provide turnkey service for this project. You just tell us the requirement then we’ll design and program everything till the line is working perfect in your factory.

What’s the payment term and general delivery time?

We currently only accept T/T transfer, all payments should be cleared before delivery. Producing in factory takes around 30-60 days after received your deposit.

enamel cookware

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