Automotive Bumper Coating Line

automotive bumper coating
Bumper coating line is provided in multiple ways based the product parameters and production requirements. This refers to painting techniques and types of bumper. Being a custom project, it’s the best to have a meeting discussion so we can fully understand with each other.

High quality coating treatment is crucial to get nice looking and long life cycle for bumper. Normally, there’re total of 3 layers coating to be sprayed: base coat, middle coat and top coat. The difference of bumper coating line comparing to any other coating solution is it’s big size. Yes, it takes big size for installation/configuration. Special configuration is required for spray booth where waste paint is exhausted by underground air flow. If there’s big output rate, you need to apply multiple robotic spray machines so even bigger space will be required.

For those small size products like phone case with multi thousands production per day, one thousand is pretty high for bumper.  The normal workflow is configured as this:

Loading -> Pre-degreasing  -> degreasing -> rinsing1 -> rinsing2 -> water spray -> drying -> cooling -> turn piece -> sanding -> electrostatic de-dust -> base coat spray -> leveling -> middle coat spray -> levling -> top coat spray -> leveling -> drying -> unloading

Because bumpers come with big size for itself, each process takes some time to complete thus the overall output rate is relatively low.

Bumper coating line FAQ

Should I use manual or automatic painting?

You should choose according to your requirement on output rate and worktime arrangement. Robotic solution can reduce lots of man power while the first investment is high. Manual option is ideal choice for low production rate.

How much space will it required for installation?

Take 500pcs/day for instance, you will need 20*50m workshop. The coating line is long and you need lots of space for loading/unloading.

How many containers required for coating line?

If everything included, the coating line can be packed via 8 containers.

How much time required for producing?

Producing and verification in factory takes up to 120 days. Onsite installation requires minimum 30 days to ensure everything can be running properly.

automotive bumper coating line

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