Mobile Phone Case Coating Line

mobile phone case coating line
Mobile phone case coating is all about phone case surface coating treatment. There’re multiple technologies being used by different phone providers. Here we introduce the top 3 solutions from industry and how we can support you in configuring the coating line project.

Vacuum & UV coating

The technique used on lots of modern phones like iphone and samsung. In this system you will need both vacuum machine and painting line to work together. This technique provides the brightest color and stickness so the phone surface is well protected. Here’s a general process of the workflow: Loading -> de-dust -> uv base coating spray – > curing -> vacuum plating-> uv coating -> curing -> unloading

There’re multiple tech control for this setup. you need professional technicians to handle the entire process. It’s not only compatible with phone case but also working with other plastic products like switches or similar products like phone case.

PU coating

A popular method used for lots of plastic products. The advantage is the entire process got simplified for bigger production requirement. The line is full automatic and no turning piece process included. However, the line size is almost no change based your coating technique requirement. For example it normally requires higher temperature and longer curing time.

Traditional solution

By traditional technique, we just need to spray base coat and top coat. It’s the most common setup for various products in daily life. In this way, product quality is 100% decided by the coatings we select.

No matter which technique we select, we can always add UV on final treatment if we have high quality requirement. UV provides a protective layer on surface with smooth feel thus it’s widely used for mobile phone coating solutions.

Mobile phone case coating line FAQ

How much space required for painting line?

This depends the technique you use and required output rate. The minimum space is 100㎡ from our existing projects.

Can I use the line for multiple products?

Yes you can if you have similar products or similar coating requirements. But you might need to use different jigs to load your products on the line.

What’s the cost?

The line is not a standard design and only produced based your requirement. We have to get your detailed requirements to make custom design/quotation. Thus the costs can not be quoted directly.

Do you have video show about the project?

Yes, please contact us to get it.

mobile phone case coating line


  • Greeting of the day.
    We are a uv mobile coating supplier in India.
    Currently we are looking for a competitive new coating line facility.
    In your picture, you used a multi-jig to coat the substrate vertically with UV coating to give it a high gloss
    As far as I know, spraying uv paint on the substrate shows that uv is flowing down.
    How did you vertically coat the uv so that it does not flowing down.?


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