Perfume Bottle Coating Line

perfume bottle coating
Coating line is a must installation for perfume bottle factories. For almost all cosmetic containers, you will need high quality coating spray treatment to attract the user eyeballs. We’ll introduce the coating line configuration and setup in details so you can get a brief idea on how to setup your own line.

The basic structure of perfume bottle coating line includes the following:

  • conveyor chains
  • jigs for bottle loading
  • water curtain spray booth
  • curing oven

Comparing to other coating lines, stability is primary requirement for perfume bottle because of glass material. Means the jigs and conveyor line must be produced accurately to avoid issues. Also, for longer lifecycle consideration, we will use stainless steel for both spray booth and conveyor strcutures. This setup also ensures the best clean environment for high quality production. Coating line specifications:

  • Minimum installation space: 80㎡
  • Types of coating: water base coating and uv coating
  • Oven: electrical oven, IR oven and UV oven
  • Packing: stretch film and wood case
  • Installation requirement: in clean dust-free workshop
  • Power consumption: 10-20KW
  • Warranty: 12 months

Sometimes, people adjust line speed for bigger output. However, you must do careful testing before applying to live production. Because the speed is pre-defined based your coating requirement. Thus if you change for faster speed, the coating might not be cured properly.

Perfume bottle coating line FAQ

What information required to design the line?

We need to know about your bottle size, output rate and the type of coatings you’re going to use. It’s the best if you can send us the bottle samples and technical documents of the coating.

How can I install the line?

We will send out engineers for onsite installation and testing till everything works properly with your production.

What’s the cost?

Since it’s a custom setup plant, please proide us above necessary information so we can quote the best price for you.

perfume bottle coating line


  • Good, cordial greetings. We are in search of a machine to paint glass bottles but liquor, similar to having bottle of perfume. We would like to know if it is possible, if the units produced, the cost technical information, technical service, among others.

  • Starting installation cost of it for 5 ml to 200 ml bottles for perfume bottles coating

  • Need a curing oven for the coated bottles. Also would like a quote for the complete coating line with curing.

  • Hi
    Do you have UV coating lacquer for glass bottles? Do you have UV curing oven ?Can you pl send me more details?




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