Perfume Bottle Cap Coating Line

perfume bottle cap painting line
Perfume bottle caps coating line is a little different than any similar project. The included techniques and working principles are a bit different comparing to most lines. We’ll guide you about the detailed setup and technologies being used so you can evaluate how you can customize your own coating line.

Coatings to use

Perfume bottle caps can be coated by various coatings from industry. There’re two popular coating solutions being used: Vacuum + UV and nano coating.

Vacuum + UV: the typical choice for high qaulity products. For this solution, the only coating in use is UV. Workflow is: loading -> de-dust -> uv base coat spray -> curing -> vacuum plating -> uv top coat spray -> curing -> unloading.

Nano coating: the purpose is to get metal effect without plating. Normally we will spray uv for final treatment. Workflow is: loading -> de-dust -> base coat spray -> drying -> nano coating spray -> drying -> uv coating -> curing -> unloading

Technologies to use

Most coating technologies are the same as other coating lines. Difference is at pre-treatment. Besides traditional electrostatic de-dusting, we always apply flame treatment for better adhension. Comparing to other lines, caps coating line can be super fast with lots of jigs installation on conveyor.

Should you use vacuum or nano coating?

Based our industry experience, vacuum is better and used by more people for fast and high quality production. The first investment is relatively high but the use is cheaper. The most important is you don’t have to use lots of paint during operation. The wasted paint will be harmful to environment if not treated properly. If you just want to save the first investment and avoid using vacuum, the overall operation costs will be much higher.

Perfume bottle caps coating line FAQ

What’s the minimum installation space required?

80㎡ would be the minimum required space for coating line installation(full automatic line)

What kind of materials used for coating line manufacturing?

The main structure is made by stainless steel and could be customized based your needs.

How can I get detailed quotation?

We need to collect sufficient information for quotation such as caps size, output rate, the technique you use and clean room setup etc.. contact us for further discussion.

perfume bottle caps coating line

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