Electrostatic Coating Line

Electrostaitc coating is advanced technology which is operated under high voltage environment. Coating is seamless painted on product surface with higher thickness. It’s primary choice for high quality powder coating solution.

Tech view: Powder coating is formed in fog with electric conductivity during painting. Under this environment, coatings are moving on product surface and result in a smooth film.

Advantages of electrostatic coating

  • be able to get thicker film by one time spray, normally 4~6 times more than regular solvent coating.
  • environment friendly, no solvent or waste gas pollution.
  • high efficient output rate and waste powder recycling
  • low cost for coating and equipment investment

Electrostatic coating technology is widely used in various industry like automotive and furniture etc.

Electrostatic coating line workflow: loading -> degreasing -> rinsing -> phosphating -> rinsing -> passivating -> electrostatic coating -> curing -> cooling -> unloading

Quality control: During coating workflow, pretreatment is crucial part to ensure high quality result. Moreover, the duration, spray gun, voltage and powder quantity control are all essential factors.

Coating line main components

powder supply system
This includes spray booth, static producer, spray gun and powder supply system.

Spray booth – main part of coating line. stable air supply and cleanness is crucial. clean level must be 10000+. Moreover, spray booth should be configured for easy cleaning so no waste powder can be stored inside.

Electrostatic spray gun – there’re multiple types guns depends the coating line setup. electric system of spray gun is important for efficiency. Generally, automatic spray gun provides better stability and quality.

Powder supply system – this includes powder tank, air compressor, oil/water filter, valve, air pipe and powder pipes etc. Following is the most common choice

For any part selection, you have to evaluation your product properties and production requirements. Incorrect choice will lead to high rate bad products and cause problems to coating line. A decent engineer be able to contribute a list of compatible components to support a high quality coating line production.

electrostatic coating line
Electrostatic coating line FAQ

What exactly electrostatic coating line is?

It’s also called electrostatic powder coating, it’s only for powder coatig solutions but not liquid coating.

What kind of product is suitable for electrostatic coating?

For powder coating, it’s mostly for metal objects like homeware products and machinery parts.

What do I need to provide for coating line design?

We need to know about your out put rate, product dimensions and workshop structures to start design. Because it’s a custom setup project, it’s the best to discuss across the table.

What kind of service do I get?

Our engineer will provide CAD design based your exact requirement, then we’ll start producing in factory. We also provide onsite installation and training service to make sure you receive the right products.

What spare parts do I need to aware?

The spare parts include filters, lamps and heating pipes.


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