Coffee pot robotic spray coating line

coffee pot painting line
coffee pot robotic painting line is automated by conveyor system and multi axis painting robot, it can be constructed for semi or full automatic line to fulfill client side production needs and reduce operational costs. Especially in mass production factory, robotic system will greatly reduce human error and improve overall quality.

Coffee pot robotic coating line advantages

  • Robot can be installed in different ways for different products spraying
  • Robot is explosion proof structure for guaranteed security
  • Servo motor high grade accuracy positioning
  • Digital control for robot and spray gun system
  • Small size but big scope application, can be integrated with other production lines
  • Highly flexible, compatible with complex shape products painting

Robot technical properties

  1. dimensions: 50 (w) x 120 (h) x 60 (d)cm
  2. Mass: 6 kg
  3. Material: casting aluminum
  4. Control panel: 5.7-inch monochrome LCD with emergency stop button and numerical keys
  5. Chinese/English languages
  6. iEc Protection class:  IP54
  7. cable Length: 8 m

Recommended robot model: Yaskawa EPX1250, ABB-IRB-52, FANUC-P-250i

Coffee pot painting is food grade surface treatment thus spraying accuracy and proper protection is important. Because of this, the choice of correct robot and spray gun is crucial for high quality production.

Furthermore, the integration of robot and painting line requires high tech engineering and good experience. It’s not just add/remove of robot system, the way of installation and programming control and ease of use etc is the core part of entire system.

In order to provide client the best experience in using our product, our development department has programmed our own robot with fully functional tests. We have sample painting room with different machines so it will be worry free for client before final purchase.

coffee pot robotic coating line

Coffee pot robotic coating line FAQ

Q: how does the line setup?
A: our robotic coating line can be setup in many ways, it can be setup separately with booth for semi automatic or full automatic with conveyor. The exact setup will depend client side requirements such as line efficiency, workshop space structure and frequency of product change etc.

Q: do I have to use a robot?
A: robot is the best for long term consideration. It’s not only working for single type product but compatible with many others. Especially when client produce different products requires painting, robot programming can fix this in few minutes.

Q: can I test before purchasing?
A: sure, we have sample painting room. If you bring us samples we can do sample painting so you can see how it works exactly

Q: is there any training schedule?
A: yes, all our products come with user manual. we also provide engineers for onsite istallation/training to make sure client will use in highest performance.

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