Robotic Laptop Panel Dust Free Spray Painting Line

laptop panel painting line
Laptop robotic coating line is installed in dustfree workshop based customer existing factory construction. Our coating line is deeply custom made according to client side specifications and coating requirements.

The entire system is composed by high quality painting robot, conveyor, product holders, dust removal cabin, paint shop, IR and UV oven. Each part is precise production based our 10+ years valuable experience in coating industry.

Painting robot

We use flexible & high-performance robots to increase finishing quality, consistency and throughput, while dramatically lowering operating costs and decreasing wasted material. Our complete line of paint robots provides versatility and superior performance in standard industrial, automotive and aerospace coating and dispensing applications. We have wide relationship with the most reputable robot groups on earth so we can always pick up the most suitable robot to support client side production.

Coating line and robot are designed to optimize performance in Tier 1 applications. They can be used for primer, base coat, finish coat, clear coat and spray dispensing, using water-based, solvent, powder, glaze and glue/adhesive materials. In addition, they can efficiently coat intricate parts with recesses, curved surfaces and picture frame-like shapes. Using a complex spray path, the robot can spray different areas of the part to various film thicknesses without runs or sags.

Robot can be programmed to apply coating materials to different areas of the part to various film thicknesses. Using our smart coating line, client can receive following unbeatable advantages to get big success:

  • More manufacturing flexibility to produce a wider variety products with faster time-to-market
  • Faster changeover times, increased system uptime and asset utilization
  • Increased product quality with predictable results with error checking and in-line testing
  • Increased productivity with shorter payback
  • Optimized workflow designed around your value-added processes, not your fixed automation
  • Elimination of expensive and dedicated hard automation
  • Ability to redeploy asset, extending return on investment

See performance in this video show

6 axis painting robot is smartly programmed to detect products on conveyor and spraying accurately. Conveyor moving guide and chain are connected by special unit for stable movement and low noise.

The general coating line structure is well optimized for safe and problem free operation. Either from material or components selection or user friendly touch panel, we think on client side and no special technologies required to operate the system.

Dust free painting line FAQ

Q: how do you build the line dust free?
A: Its about workshop and paint booth construction, for paint booth, the volume of clean air supply and waste gas exhaust is crucial to ensure the booth environment clean. For workshop, epoxy type clean room construction is basic requirement. There’ll be sufficient clean air in and high efficient exhaust fan system. For some cases, AHU air conditioning system is required for both cleanness and temperature control.

Q: what’s the robot to be used?
A: We product our own robot system, but we still have choice of any available robot model on the earth. About which type robot to be used for coating line, we’ll evaluate the actual performance for both efficiency and cost effective purpose.

Q: what kind of booth system do you offer?
A: We currently provide water curtain and dry filter type paint booth. Dry filter is recommended because no waste to environment, water curtain will need waste water treatment before get dropped.

Q: how do you handle waste paint?
A: We will configure waste paint filter system after exhausted by air pipe, the system includes water spraying, pp ball filter and carbon material for high grade treatment. But for waste water, client will have to check with local environment bureau for further solutions.

Q: Is there any warranty?
A: Our coating line and machine come with 18 months problem free guarantee. We offer free replacement in case any outage during this period.

Q: how do you handle after service?
A: It depends the case. We will check with client side technical dept for quick solutions, if it’s not optional by client side fix, we’ll send engineers for onsite trouble shooting.

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