Automatic Spray Painting Line for Christmas Ball

christmas ball painting line
Christmas ball spray painting line overview

A rod loaded with multiple balls on chain conveyor by automatic spraying, then dry up in accurate temperature oven. Operator only need to handle product load/unload then the painting job will be done automatically on conveyor system. Painting line is not dedicated to christmas ball but also compatible with other small products for same workflow requirement.

General workflow for painting line: load -> manual de-dust -> pre-heat -> electrostatic de-dust -> spray base painting -> drying -> vacuum plating -> spray top painting -> drying -> unload

There’re different paints used for christmas ball painting, above flow is used for metal effect purpose and best for uv coating. If no uv required, just regular painting will work. The spraying line can be custom designed according to client side requirement.

Painting line main properties

  1. Special rod axis chain, one jig per 30cm
  2. Servo motor and moving guide for spray painting machine, touch screen accurate control
  3. Stainless steel oven chamber reflector, rockwool board for heat saving. Heater is programming control for smooth power supply.


  • Widely application for high quality and high efficient spray painting
  • Digital control with up to 200 different products programming in memory for quick use
  • Ease of use for low cost operation
  • Automatic trace painting with no dead angle

Spray painting line drawing

christmas ball spray painting line

Automatic spray painting line is perfect choice when client requires mass production, however most of the time there’re many different products to be painted for small quantity requirement. If we use the automatic line directly, it’s not economical choice and it’s not compatible with all products painting. Because of this, we provide dedicated 5 axis coating machine for spraying purpose.

5 axis spray coating machine

Up to 3 rolls can be loaded to machine to spray together, if product is big or quantity is small, you can also spray one roll. Rod will rotate smartly to make sure everywhere can be sprayed properly. After all products are painted, they can put together in a cart to dry up in oven.

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