Motorcycle Helmet Coating Line

helmet coating line
Motorcycle helmet is plastic based and requires multiple painting treatment for user acceptance. High quality coating line solution is the base for high quality helmet production. We’re going to introduce the different technologies from our company and guide on how to choose the proper line for your production.

The workflow is a bit different for helmet coating line. For quality control requirement, there’s carefully manual pre-treatment involved. For coating line part, the workflow is designed like this:

cleaning -> loading -> pre-heating -> electrostatic de-dust -> color coating spray -> flatting -> varnish spray -> flatting -> curing -> unloading -> QC check and reparing -> final products

Before loading to coating line, there’re multiple crucial workflows from pre-treatment. The purpose is to get smooth surface by repairing some bad points by sanding. then we need to spray a sticky base coat on it to make sure color coatings can be well coated. That’s why there’s no base coat from above workflow, because it’s already done from pre-treatment.

Technical parameters:

  • coating volume:60~120g/m2
  • air pressure:0.3~0.4MPa
  • coating stickness:12~15s
  • Curing requirement:flatting(25℃)5~10min; curing(60℃) 30~60min.

Coating line structures

  • pre-heating oven
  • dimension:L3000mm×W1000mm×Hl200 mm
  • oven is made by color steel plates with rook wool inside, heating pipe power is pre-configured at 30~35℃.

electrostatic de-dust cabinet

  • dimension:L4000mm×W1500mm×H2200mm.
  • main components include: Static producer, blower, pipes for compressed air, water tank.

spray booth

  • dimension: L4000mm×W2400mm×H2600mm
  • main components include:chamber, filter, clean air supply, water tank, pump and light system.

flatting oven


curing oven

  • dimension:L8000mm×W3500mm×H2500mm
  • temperature:50~60℃

chain conveyor

the total length is around 100 meters with jig installation. parameters include:

  • jigs:175pcs
  • jigs pitch:60cm
  • device power:2.2KW
  • weight resistance:2t
  • speed:0~5m/min

Coating line faq

Do you provide full solution including pre-treatment and main line?

Yes, we provide the entire system.

What do you need to design this production line?

Basically, we only need to know your available workshop size, we will then calculate the output rate and costs.

What kind of service customer can receive?

We provide turnkey service and 12 months warranty after onsite installation.  The coating line is life time supported.

helmet coating line

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