Aluminum Profile Coating Line

aluminum profile coating
With regarding to aluminum profiles, proper coating treatment is crucial to extend its life cycle. When you use aluminum products for decoration purpose, high quality coating simply gives you confortable feeling. We will introduce how to setup a perfect line with your requirements and things you need pay attention to for high quality coating.

Aluminum profile coating process

Similar to other metal coating lines, proper pretreatment is crucial here. From the industry, there’re different coating techniques being used: Powder coating and liquid coating. There’s big difference for workflows. Let’s firstly see traditional liquid coating.

Loading -> Pretreatment(rinsing, degreasing, phosphating) -> Pre-heating -> base coat painting -> leveling -> drying -> Top coat painting -> leveling -> leveling -> drying -> varnish painting -> leveling -> drying -> unloading

As we see, there’re lots of sections for this coating line setup. However, it’s different for powder coating. Powder coating for aluminum profile is followed by this workflow:

Loading -> Pretreatment(rinsing, degreasing, phosphating) -> Pre-heating -> powder coating -> Curing -> unloading

The powder coating solution simplified the entire process and can bring us the same level quality. The powder coating solution is applied by most modern manufacturers for low cost investment and high efficiency.

Aluminum profile coating line structures include: water tank, hanging conveyor, Spray booth, curing oven, electric control box.

Unlike other products, aluminum profiless come with long shapes and sometimes with big size(like boards). Thus, the spray booth and curing oven is pretty big comparing to any other coating line setup. Especially for hanging conveyor, it can be as high as 6 meters for smooth operation.

Aluminum profile coating line faqs

How much space required for coating line installation?

200㎡ is minimum requirement for basic installation. It completely depends your output rate and techniques to use.

How to get high quality coating products?

You will need to hire experienced technicians for quality control. Both pretreatment and coating are important to ensure final products quality.

Is it 100% automatic?

No, at least you need to load/unload manually. Sometimes you also need to monitor each section carefully to make sure it’s working right.

What do you need for coating line design?

We need to know about your product size, output rate, the technique to use and your workshop structure design. Since it’s fully custom design, all questions must be cleared first.

aluminum profile coating line


  • My company is desirous of setting up a powder coating line that will coat at least 100 profiles of 6 meters each. We have a ware house of 20 meters by 30 meters. We will like you to furnish us with the cost of making a full line.

    Chidi Bethel

  • Sir,

    i am chithrabhanu from uae. we have one powder coating plant in sharjah. we have planning to make a new plant. our requirements follows
    1 ) Material : Aluminium
    2 ) Jig Height & Length : Height : 2.5 Mtrs, Length : Max 7.5 Mts
    3 ) Coneveyor Speed : 2.5 Mtrs Per Minute
    4 ) Jig Weight : Maximum 300 Kg
    5 ) Area Size : 40 Mtrsx 30 Mtrs ( Include office, material stocking area
    B. Chithrabhau

  • we have just started construction of the building in which
    powder coating, pressure die cassting and window, door, façade elements will be manufactured
    we want to start with mill finished aluminium profiles and establish our aluminium extrusion mill later. out ptofiles will be 6.000mm long.
    we kindly ask:
    1. a tentative layout
    2. capacity of the degreasing and phophating tanks we plan to accumulate pollute water in underground tanks and transport by tanker trucks to water treatment authority.


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