Frypan Spray Coating Line

frypan coating line
Frypan coating line is all about various non-stick coatings treatment. The only difference is accurate temperature control in curing oven. Unlike any other meta coating solution, frypan or similar cookware coating line setup is a little complex with much higher requirement. We have provided coating lines for multiple frypan providers with different working conditions, hence we collected sufficient experience in offering high quality coating line solutions.

While Teflon(PTFE) was the sole choice for non-stick frypan, ceramic becomes more and more popular from lots of manufacturing factories for its better resistance to temperature and hardness. It also requires lower temperature for operature thus it’s more safe choice comparing to teflon. However, no matter which non-stick coatings you wish to use, the entire process is exactly the same:

Loading -> Pre-treatment(degreasing, rinsing, water spraying etc) -> drying -> sand blasting -> metalizing -> du-dust -> pre-heating -> base coat spray -> drying -> top coat spray -> curing -> cooling -> unloading.

This process is for interior painting only. Sometimes your frypan needs both interior and exterior painting so you need to add extra spray booth/oven on painting line. The procedure is the same though.

Frypan coating line faqs

What’s the required temperature for teflon curing? and ceramic?

Generally, teflon/ptfe requires 400℃ for curing in oven. As about ceramic coatings, since different techniques being used by various providers, there’s big range for curing temperature. Currently, we worked between 220-350℃. You have to confirm this with your coating providers and we need it for coating line design.

How much space required for coating line installation?

If you need pre-treatment line included, the minimum required space is 300㎡. Your output rate and painting requirement will decide the coating line overall size directly.

What’s the required heating resource?

Natural gas and LPG are ideal choice though diesel or electricity can be used. Diesel is not so good for environment protection while electricity consumption is extremely high.

How long for coating line manufacturing?

Depends the project size, generally we can finish the producing within 60-90 days.

Do you provide after service?

Yes, all our painting lines are quanlify 12 months warranty. We send out engineers for onsite installation and testing till everything can be used properly by client.

non stick coating line


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