Security Door Spray Coating Line

security door painting
Security door coating line is applied by all manufacturing factories to archive the best quality and production efficiency. A complete coating line is composed by the same parts like any other metal coating lines.  The difference is security door painting line can be setup in different ways based the coating we’re going to use. Hence we’ll introduce one by one and guide you how to make the choice.

Security doors are always made by various steels thus high quality painting treatment is important for rust-proof and long life cycle purpose. In furniture industry, there’re two painting techniques being used – liquid and powder coating. They’re used by different spray technologies for different usage.

Liquid painting

Simple but not recommended solution. For big size products like security door, it’s always painted on conveyor where there’s no water curtain or similar equipment to catch the paint dusts. Thus it’s bad for workshop and envrionment protection. It’s also bad for painting line maintenance when you have high production rate.

Powder coating

Powder coating is considered the ideal choice for security door production. The plastic powder coating could reach any effect you wished such as wood grain or other special type surface. Also, powder coating has the best adhension to protect security door surface perfectly.

Full process of security door powder coating is: Pre-treatment(rust removal, rinsing etc) -> pre-heating -> powder coating -> heating -> cooling

Security door coating line FAQ

What’s the coating line structure type?

Security door coating line is configured hanging conveyor like showing above.

What’s the minimum required workshop size for installation?

At least 100㎡ required for installation. You need bigger size space for other services arrangement like loading/unloading area.

What’s the power consumption?

Around 20KW for basic configuration. It’s decided by the overall line size and output rate.

How many workers required to operate?

At least 5 people required. The bigger size configuration, more workers will be needed.

We, shenzhen anfengtai Coating LTD has been cooperated with multiple furniture factories for coating line setup. We have lots of successful experience in designing, maintaining and manufacturing a perfect coating line to fulfill your needs.

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